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NOTE: This page is not updated regularly. Newer projects may not be listed, and current version numbers may not be up to date. If you are interested in any of the plugins, ask about them.
Several smaller plugins are free and just not publicly released (as that is a lot of work creating the page and supporting a bunch of free plugins, whereas I always support paid plugins).
Others, I keep private (some for sale, some are not). Message me if you have questions: Alliedmods, email, or Steam, or use the request form below.

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ANYTOGs Chat Tags
[Link to Description]
4.10.3Chat/name/tag colors, chat logs with web panel, caps handling, and so much more!.

Chat, Tags, Colors2017-06-112018-10-12-
CS:S / CS:GOTOG Scrim Server Setup
[Link to Description]
2.12.13Full scrim server setup (a.k.a. match/pug/5v5) loaded with tons of features.

scrim, pug, 5v5, match, rank, stats2017-06-112018-09-19-
CS:GO / CS:STOGs Deathrun (DR) Teams
[Link to Description]
3.4.6Core plugin for running a Deathrun (DR) server.

DR, Teams, Deathrun, Balance2017-06-112018-06-09-
CS:S / CS:GOTOG Roll the Dice
[Link to Description]
4.3.1My own custom RTD plugin with tons of rolls (60+), many of which have never been seen on any other server. Plugins like this are what have kept the Deathrun server I made in the #1 Game Tracker spot for its server type for 2+ years (back when I was running it). Message me for details. Plugin inludes ability to create map configs to enable or disable RTDs for specific maps.

Roll, Dice, rtd, dr, deathrun, mg, minigames, random2017-06-112018-06-09-
CS:S / CS:GOTOGs Clan Tags
[Link to Description]
2.2.7Set clan tags for clients based on an HIGHLY customizable config file or database. Options to override existing clan tag, add tags to bots, and even block all others.

Check out the plugin on Alliedmods for more info.
Clan, Tags2017-06-112018-06-09Download

(Some functions limited on CS:GO)
TOG Connect Messages
[Link to Description]
5.6.2Configurable connect/disconnect messages that can be displayed in chat, center message, or both. Configurations can be per player (Steam ID), or based on flag(s), using the TOG Flag System. Disconnect and connect messages are configured separatedly, with customizable colors and optional sound lists (random sound selected each time from the setup-specific list). Plugin also makes replacements on key words: {playername}, {steamid}, {userid}, {country}. Per request, the country tag can change colors part way through the country name.

Older version available on Alliedmods, but that version is not CS:GO compatible, and does not have all of the features.
Connect, Messages2017-06-112018-06-09-
ANYTOG Playtime Records
[Link to Description]
2.9.5Logs play/spec time for each individual server (and globally), and supports rank and time-based systems and other plugins.
Playtime, Records, Rank2017-06-112018-06-09-
CS:S / CS:GOTOG Playtime Records Clan Tags
[Link to Description]
1.0.2Plugin that works with TOGs Playtime Records and TOGs Clan Tags to produce time-based clan tags setups with mysql.Playtime, Records, Clan, Tags2017-06-112018-06-09-
ANY [some functions limited outside of CS:S/CS:GO]TOG Playtime Records Ranks
[Link to Description]
1.2.1Assigns ranks [configurabled via setups in a config file] based on play time and optionally applies a chat tag and/or gives store credits in Zeph Store for new ranks achieved.Playtime, Records, Ranks, chat, tag, zeph, store2017-06-112018-06-09-
ANYTOG Playtime Records Reserved Slots
[Link to Description]
1.1.1Custom plugin to give reserved slots when a configurable amount of playtime is reached.Playtime, Records, Reserved, Slots2017-06-112018-06-09-
ANYTOGs Database Adverts
[Link to Description]
1.2.0Custom server announcements and colors, controlled via databases. Colors work with Source 2009 games supporting hex (CS:S, TF2, etc.), CS:GO, and Insurgency. Configurable for frequency of adverts. The database setups can each be made for specific server(s), or apply to all servers, and ordered by another column.Database, Adverts, Advertisement, Announcements2017-06-112018-06-09Download
ANY (tested on CS:S / CS:GO)TOG Double Press Blocker
[Link to Description]
2.0This plugin was developed mainly for my deathrun server. It locks buttons after they are press, making it so that they can only be pressed once. Then, on round start, in unlocks them again.

Double, Press, Blocker, Deathrun, DR, Buttons2017-06-112018-06-09Download
ANYTOG Custom Death Sounds
[Link to Description]
1.0Play custom sounds upon death for both the killer and victim.

Check out the plugin on Alliedmods for more info.
Custom, Death, Sounds, Effects2017-06-112018-06-09Download
ANYTOG Default Map
[Link to Description]
1.0Changes to default map when server is empty. There is a similar plugin out there, but it had a bug (I dont remember what exactly), so I wrote my own from scratch.Default, Map, Empty2017-06-112018-06-09-
ANYTOG Custom Rotations
[Link to Description]
1.0Changes map rotations on select days.

Uses two rotation lists, and checks configurable cvars for which days to start/end the custom rotation. Includes cvars for changing the hostname during the custom rotation. Originally made for having alternate rotation for weekends.
Custom, Rotations, Days2017-06-112018-06-09-
CS:S / CS:GOTOG Awp Server Setup
[Link to Description]
1.2Automatically removes all weapons (except knife) and given AWPs on round start. Players can choose to be "pros" and use the scout, which is honored via chat messages. Preferences to use the scout are stored via client prefs and accessible via the client prefs menu (!settings). Plugin includes automatic cleanup of items and weapons on the floor.Awp, Server, Setup, Scout2017-06-112018-06-09-
CS:S, but many cmds work for any gameTOG Extended Admin
[Link to Description]
Extended, Admin, Super2017-06-112018-06-09-
ANYTOG File Cleaner
[Link to Description]
4.4.0File management for SM servers. Uses search queries (path, strings, file extensions, file age, etc.) to perform tasks on matching files. Tasks include file deletion, moving, and copying.

I may add in a few more tasks in the future if I ever see a need for it (e.g. rename, timestamp, etc.).

Check out the plugin on Alliedmods for more info.
File, Cleaner, Management2017-06-112018-06-09Download
CS:GOTOG Hunger Games Credits
[Link to Description]
1.5Private plugin for earning credits in Hunger Games game mode, and using them to purchase sponsorship perks. Long story short, it is just another in-game store that I made for a community. I helped teach the guy to code, and he has further developed this plugin since then (I believe).Hunger, Games, Store2017-06-112018-06-09-
ANYTOG Save Locations
[Link to Description]
1.1.0Setup/save custom teleport locations (with configurable access) for each map.

Check out the plugin on Alliedmods for more info.
Save, Locations, Teleport, Admin, Rooms2017-06-112018-06-09Download
[Link to Description]
1.0.2Tracker team kills (TKs) in a database and provides natives and forwards to interact with other plugins. Notifies admins of connecting players with TK counts above a configurable threshold (can be disabled).TK, Tracker, Stats, Admin, Web, Team, Kill2017-06-112018-06-09Download
ANY (only tested on CS:S)TOG Deathmatch Team Balancer
[Link to Description]
2.0.1This is a very simple balancer. Instead of checking teams EVERY time a player dies, it checks them on configurable intervals (less CPU usage).
If the teams are unbalanced by a configurable amount, the plugin will move the next player that dies and is not immune and that is not in cooldown (unless cooldown is disabled).

Unlike many other plugins, this one does not kill the player when moving them, so their score is unchanged (or level if it is a gungame server, etc.).

Players can be made immune to team balance if they have the flag defined by tdmtb_immuneflag.

Check out the plugin on Alliedmods for more info.
Deathmatch, Team, Balancer2017-06-112018-06-09Download
CS:GOTOG Death Messages
[Link to Description]
1.0Prints killers/victims to console for all and chat for killer/victim. Developed for Hunger Games mod to teach someone else how to code.Death, Messages2017-06-112018-06-09-
Made for CS:S / CS:GO

May work on ANY
TOG Death Effects
[Link to Description]
2.0Adds effects when a player dies using configurable setups including:
  • Sounds played to all or to those around player (ambient). Sounds are configurable via a config file, and if multiple setups exist, one is chosen randomly. Each setup has options to be restricted to specific admin flags (using TOG Flag System), or excluded from specific flags.
  • Explosion effect on the player with a configurable path for the effect.
  • Ragdoll removal
  • Explosions of props in every direction. Props are configurable via a config file, with each setup being able to be restricted to specific admin flags (using TOG Flag System), or excluded from specific flags. The number of props to explode out is configurable, or can be set to "all" to do one from each setup.
  • Blood spray effect with configurable paths for the materials/effects.
Each effect has an toggle option to only apply if the death is by hegrenade.
Death, Effects2017-06-112018-06-09-
ANYTOG Chat Logger
[Link to Description]
1.2.1Logs chat to sql database. Rolled into TOGs Chat Tags.Chat, Logger, Logs2017-06-112018-06-09-
ANYTOG Admin Logs
[Link to Description]
1.6.1Plugin to log all actions/activity for all admins (and any non-admins on a list), with steam ID specific files for each one.

Plugin works using two folders: actions and activity. It creates a log file in either folder for each admin it logs. The "Actions" files record any/all actions that use LogActions (all default SM actions, and many plugins). Activity folder records every connect, disconnect, and team change for the admin, and upon disconnect, it also shows how much time they spent playing (on teams...spectate time is not counted). (Note: This part of the plugin was later replaced with TOGs Playtime Records).

Altogether, this plugin is a tool for managing admins both in logging their actions and recording how active they are on the server. It has options to remove records older than X days, which will be logged. This is a pretty old plugin of mine, so the code may not be as nice.
Admin, Logs, Activity2017-06-112018-06-09-

(can be ported to CS:S)
TOG Bhop Ranks and Tags
[Link to Description]
1.1Custom rank system for a bhop community, using jump count for ranks, with code added to detect players setting macros to jump in spawn.

Ranks are displayed with chat tags (requires TOGs Chat Tags), and as clan tags (other clan tags are blocked). When someone maxes out their rank, they can trade their points in for an MVP "prestige" star. All other sources of MVP are blocked, so the prestige stars show another tier of rank. Includes sql querries on command for !top, etc.
Bhop, Ranks, Tags2017-06-112018-06-09-
ANYTOG Force Model
[Link to Description]
1.1Simple plugin to get the path of any model in your crosshairs, and to be able to set the model of any player in the server.Force, Models, Holiday2017-06-112018-06-09-
CS:S / CS:GOTOG Gungame Leaders
[Link to Description]
1.1Complete new system for displaying gungame leaders, removing all the chat spam. Moves to the right side of the screen instead and keeps players up to date with game info.Gungame, Leaders2017-06-112018-06-09-
CS:S / CS:GOTOGs Gungame Nades
[Link to Description]
1.0Reward bot kills with ammo or nade for GGGungame, Nades2017-06-112018-06-09-
CS:S / CS:GOTOG Gungame Win Music
[Link to Description]
1.0After being tired of bugs with the existing gungame music plugins, I developed my own. This one works flawlessly, is easy to add/remove tracks from, and optionally prints the filename in chat as a "Now Playing" (allowing you to rename the files to list the author - song).Gungame, Win, Music2017-06-112018-06-09-
InsurgencyTOG Insurgency Stats
[Link to Description]
1.4.1Logs an assortment of stats for Insurgency. Maintains a server "ping" table and temporary server session stats, in additional to long term stats.Insurgency, Stats2017-06-112018-06-09-
Made for CS:S / CS:GO

May work on ANY
TOG Knife Tracker
[Link to Description]
2.0Tracks knife kills for several kinds of streaks each map and gives perks according to levels reached. At the end of the map, it displays top stats in each category. This was originally made for a GunGame Deathmatch server.

Knife, Tracker, Stats, Knives, Kills2017-06-112018-06-09-
ANYTOG Map Extensions
[Link to Description]
1.0Simple plugin to extend map time for admins with a configurable admin flag (using the TOG Flag System).

To extend a map properly, an admin would check the map time limit, and the map time left, then add how much they need after doing some math...this removes the maths by allowing them to extend by a set time without doing the calculations.
Map, Extensions, Admin2017-06-112018-06-09-
ANYTOG Map Removal
[Link to Description]
1.2Provides admin commands to remove maps from maplist and mapcycle, and adds a line to a log file with map removal reasons (required), who removed it, when, etc. Configurable admin flag for removal command. Useful for giving access to upper administrators to remove maps without needing FTP access, etc.Map, Removal, List, Admin2017-06-112018-06-09-
ANYTOG Ping Kicker
[Link to Description]
2.0Custom, configurable ping kick with DB logging and more. Includes configurable immunity flag(s) via CVar using the TOG Flag System. Optional delay on map change. Optional minimum players before enabling. Other configurations via CVar.Ping, Kicker, Latency, Lag2017-06-112018-06-09-
ANYTOG Player Count Map Rotations
[Link to Description]
1.4Changes map rotation based on player count.

Includes map removal commands for each rotation with configurable admin access flags, as well as cvars for number of past maps to exclude for either rotation. Player counts exclude spectators. Note: Requires "TOG Map Chooser" and "TOG Nominate" to have seemless mid-map rotation changes.
Player, Count, Map, Rotations, List2017-06-112018-06-09-
ANY (only tested on CS:S)TOG Population Tracker
[Link to Description]
2.5This plugin logs player populations, connects/disconnects, player info, available spawns, wins, and total rounds for each map.

Check out the plugin on Alliedmods for more info.
Population, Tracker, Player, Connection, Disconnection, Count2017-06-112018-06-09Download
ANYTOG Raffles
[Link to Description]
1.0.3Players can enter raffles for items using time played in the server. Per request, this plugin is not available for 1 year after its creation (i.e. until 5/16/17).Raffles, Prizes, Store, Time, Win2017-06-112018-06-09-
CS:S / CS:GOTOG Simple Rank
[Link to Description]
2.0Kill-based ranking system for tags and bragging rights only. Configurations for inclusion of bot kills, display of points in chat, seeing ranks for others, clan tags, rank announce on connect/disconnect, points multipliers (for setting events where points are 2x, etc. - players are notified when this is the case), configurable pts/kill, pts/defuse, and pts/plant. Includes !rank and !top commands to compare ranks.Rank, Stats2017-06-112018-06-09-
CS:S / CS:GOTOGs Jump Stats
[Link to Description]
1.9.3Checks for bhop hacks and settings. Check out the plugin on Alliedmods for more info.Jump, Stats, BHop, Admin, Scripts, Detection2017-06-112018-06-09Download
CS:STOG Smoke Colors
[Link to Description]
1.1Allows players to have colored smoke for their smoke grenades.

Configurable access flag. 4 modes: team colors, random colors, changing colors (changes color every second), or player can select a specific color.

Ability to set a default setting for players without access flag. There is also a CVar for adding as many chat triggers as you want.

Older version available on Alliedmods.
Smoke, Colors, Grenade, Colored2017-06-112018-06-09Download
[Link to Description]
2.3.xFull server store with custom content not in other servers. I lost my code for this a long while back, and anymore would just recommend Zeph's store.Store2017-06-112018-06-09-

TOG Team Limiter/Balancer
[Link to Description]
1.15Restricts teams to configurable limits.Team, Limiter, Balancer2017-06-112018-06-09-
Tested for CS:S / CS:GO (should work with ANY)TOG No-Block Aura
[Link to Description]
1.2.1Customizable noblock aura (affects only those nearby) for players and regular noblock for grenades.
noblock, block, aura, spawn, anti-stuck, zstuck, nades2017-06-112018-06-09-
CS:S / CS:GOTOG Buy Anywhere
[Link to Description]
1.0.0Allow players to buy weapons through console (or binds) from anywhere in the map. The plugin prevents buying the weapon if you already have it, and has a cleanup script that removes weapons on the ground every time a new weapon is bought through console. This plugin is great for practice servers and some other game play types.Buy, Anywhere, Weapons2017-06-112018-06-09-
[Link to Description]
1.0Modifies grenade damage. There are similar plugins, but none of them did what I wanted, so I wrote my own. This plugin provides a simple nade multiplier and radius.Nade, Multiplier, Damage2017-06-112018-06-09-
CS:S / CS:GOTOG No Scope Battles
[Link to Description]
2.0NoScope battles set on a repeat timer.

Configurable interval to start a "no-scope" battle. Configurable length of battle. Admin commands to start/stop battles timer for the current round, or even turn on no-scope battles for the rest of the round or map.
Can you master the no-scopes?
No, Scope, Battles, AWP, Scout2017-06-112018-06-09-
(Some functions limited on CS:GO)
TOG Notes
[Link to Description]
2.1Server managers can leave notes for players or admin flag groups that appear X seconds after the player connects. This plugin is VERY useful for managers whose admins don't always use forums and live in different time zones (or are otherwise hard to contact).

Notes, Server, Admin, Messages, Player2017-06-112018-06-09-
ANYTOG Spawn Items
[Link to Description]
1.3Configurable plugin to give any kind of item on spawn, or remove any item based on config file setups.Spawn, Items, Give2017-06-112018-06-09-
CS:STOG Spawn Knife Kill
[Link to Description]
1.0Made for a gungame server, but could easily be tweaked for any other server. This plugin allows players under specific conditions to have instant knife kills (one click, no matter what) for a configurable number of seconds after they spawn.

Plugin was developed for CS:S, but can be ported to CS:GO with a few edits.
Spawn, Knife, Kill, Protection, Instant2017-06-112018-06-09-
CS:S / CS:GOTOGs Weapon Buy
[Link to Description]
1.4.2Buy weapons with configurable prices from chat or menu. CVars to configure limits/remove limits on purchases. Can be configured to only allow specific teams to purchase weapons through plugin.Weapon, Buy, Prices, Cost2017-06-112018-06-09-
CS:S / CS:GO[Zeph Store] Grenade Trails
[Link to Description]
1.0Component for Zeph Store to add access to a grenade trails plugin (the requestor did not like the existing one for some reason).Zeph, Store, Grenade, Trails2017-06-112018-06-09-
CS:S / CS:GO[Zeph Store] Silencers
[Link to Description]
1.0Component for Zeph Store to automatically add silencers to usp and m4a1 on equip.Zeph, Store, Silencers2017-06-112018-06-09-
CS:S[Zeph Store] Custom Weapon Skins
[Link to Description]
1.0Component for Zeph Store to provide CUSTOM weapon skins. Note: This plugin is not for CS:GO, as that would flirt with the valve rules for content manipulation. Valve did say that CUSTOM skins are ok for the game, but some servers have been banned for it regardless. This plugin is custom coded for CS:S, so it does not mess with any "inventory" content provided by Valve. Either way, it was created at the requestor's risk. Still working out a bug in the plugin it works worth. Plugin currently not available.Zeph, Store, Weapon, Skins2017-06-112018-06-09-
ANYTOG Chat Commands
[Link to Description]
1.1.0Creates setups for chat triggers with configurable access flags. Chat triggers can execute server commands, execute client commands (two methods available), reply to the client issuing the command via chat message, print a chat message to all players, or *NEW* create a custom menu. Menus can either be used to list info (non-selectable), execute a command (using one of the above options, including calling another menu), or call another setup.

chat, trigger, response, commands2017-06-112018-06-09-
[Link to Description]
2.1.4Simple custom VIP plugin, per a request. Later modified to add additional content per another request.

Displays a VIP menu to configurable VIP flag(s). Gives toggle-able options to VIPs, each of which can be disabled or configured by the server manager. Options include:
  • Extra HP (configurable amount)
  • Full armor (configurable for helmet, kevlar, or both)
  • Full money ($16,000)
  • Defuse kit
  • Zeus (CS:GO)
  • A few select weapons (which can have a delay applied for X rounds before it is allowed)
Per the original request, all text (including menu text) is configurable as CVars (not translations), allowing you to change/load it mid-map and includes chatcolors support. Player settings are saved in a database to recall later.
VIP, Perks2017-06-112018-06-09-
CS:S / CS:GOTOG Scouts Knives
[Link to Description]
1.0.0Server Setup for Scouts/Knives game play.Scouts, Knives, Knife2017-06-112018-06-09-
CS:S / CS:GOTOG Wire Pull
[Link to Description]
1.0.0Wire pull plugin with customizable pull selection (add as many wires as you want, and customize the text for each using a cfg file) and customizable sounds.Wire, Pull, Bomb, Defuse2017-06-112018-06-09-
ANYTOGs Chat Tags: SMRPG Rank Tags
[Link to Description]
1.0.0Sets up an external tag using TOGs Chat Tags. Rank tag set based on current rank in SMRPG.rank, tags, smrpg, rpg, tct2018-02-192018-06-09-
ANYTOG Single Temp Admin
[Link to Description]
1.1Allows players with a configurable flag to claim admin. Only one admin allowed.
  • Only players with a defined admin flag can claim server admin. Flag is configurable via the TOG Flag System.
  • A configurable set of admin flags is given to the current active admin.
  • An configurable scoreboard tag can also be assigned.
single, temporary, admin, claim2017-06-112018-06-09-
ANYTOG Cvar Checker
[Link to Description]
1.0.0This plugin allows you to check CVar settings (that Valve allows you to check) for a player using either of two methods (QueryClientConVar and GetClientInfo). There is also a command to check player rates, which will print to console a list of the player's rate-related CVars. The plugin was once two plugins of mine that I combined into one.

Check out an older version of the plugin on Alliedmods.
Cvar, Checker, Settings2017-06-112018-06-09Download
ANY (CS:GO version separate)TOG Console Colors
[Link to Description]
1.2Chat colors, name color, and optional tag and tag color for console, with configurable name for CONSOLE. Public. PM if needed for CS:GO.

Check out the plugin on Alliedmods for more info.
Console, Colors, Chat2017-06-112018-06-09Download
ANYTOG Connect Info
[Link to Description]
1.0Prints player connection info to chat.Connection, Information2017-06-112018-06-09-
CS:GOTOG Comm Filters
[Link to Description]
1.0Filters out voices and/or chat with timed (or permanent) punishments. Those punished hear/see all, but only other punished clients hear/see them. Optionally, will remove punished clients from the scoreboard if voice is muted, chat is muted, or either (configurable CVar). Blocks team change and other messages from chat if client is being hidden. Developed upon request. Includes natives for other plugins to interact with.Communication, Filters, Hide, Mute, Gag2017-06-112018-06-09-
ANYTOG Case Commands
[Link to Description]
1.0Watches chat for messages starting with ! or /, then checks the next character to see if it is capitolized. If so, it blocks the message and has the user re-send it in lower case. This effectively makes it so that commands still work if you accidently type them with CAPS lock on.

Check out the plugin on Alliedmods for more info.
Case, Commands2017-06-112018-06-09Download
ANYTOG Buttons
[Link to Description]
1.0Notifies all admins in the server (via console) if a button a pressed, who pressed it, and all available button info (e.g. XYZ coords, button name, Hammer ID, Entity ID, etc.).Buttons, Notify, Press2017-06-112018-06-09-
CS:S / CS:GOTOG Bomb Reserve
[Link to Description]
1.0Plugin per request to allow players with configurable admin flags (using the TOG Flag System) to reserve getting the bomb the next round (Terrorist team only). Configurable cooldown time included.Bomb, Reserve, VIP2017-06-112018-06-09-
ANYTOG Admin Targeting
[Link to Description]
1.0Create admin target group (@admins and @!admins). Other custom groups would be easy to add.Admin, Targeting, Filters2017-06-112018-06-09-
CS:S / CS:GOTOG 5v5 Teams
[Link to Description]
1.0Restricts teams to 5v5 for matches. Requestor wasnt looking for a pug mod...just 5v5 team limits. See TOG Scrim for pug mod.5v5, Teams, Scrim, Match, Pug2017-06-112018-06-09-
ANY[SM Store] TCT Access
[Link to Description]
1.0Access to TOGs Chat Tags components as store items for SourceMod Store.Store, TCT, Access, Chat, Tags2017-06-112018-06-09-
CS:S / CS:GO[Zeph Store] DR Kill Credits
[Link to Description]
1.0Simple Deathrun plugin to gives credits for Zeph Store on each kill.Zeph, Store, DR, Kill, Credits, Deathrun2017-06-112018-06-09-
ANYTOG Admin Notes/Warnings
[Link to Description]
2.0.0Keep admin notes/warnings for players and display notes for each players in game to any admin that connects. Includes full admin menu integration to view and remove existing notes from the database, based on admin immunity levels.
Admin, Warn, Notes2017-06-112018-06-09-
ANYTOG Event Models
[Link to Description]
1.0Used during events (e.g. holidays) to override all models on a specific team to the ones specified. There are CVars to specify the model for each team.Event, Models, Skins2017-06-112018-06-09-
ANY?TOG Help Menu Items
[Link to Description]
1.0Adds admin menu option to print help/hints to console. Prints each line from a config file, so the info is configurable.Help, Menu, Items, Admin2017-06-112018-06-09-
ANYTOG Music Killer
[Link to Description]
1.0Gives commands to control music/sounds: Either ambient or map music.Music, Sound, Block, Stop2017-06-112018-06-09-
CS:S / CS:GOTOG Overlay
[Link to Description]
1.0Apply overlays to clients. Part of TOG Extended Admin.Overlay2017-06-112018-06-09-
CS:S / CS:GO (ANY?)TOG Props Removal
[Link to Description]
1.0Loops through all entities on round starts and removes all props (anything with "models/props" in the model path). Useful for default pub maps if zblock is not enabled.Props, Removal, Items2017-06-112018-06-09-
CS:S / CS:GOTOG Rank Glows
[Link to Description]
1.1Kill-based ranking system centered around glow colors (per request). Cvars for minimum players before kills count towards rank or whether or not to include bot kills. Custom colors made available to configurable admin flags (for donators). Another configurable admin flag allows access to test colors on a player.Rank, Glows, Stats, Store2017-06-112018-06-09-
CS:S / CS:GOTOGs Rejoin-for-Lives Slayer
[Link to Description]
1.1Slays players who rejoin with a set round time to gain a new lifeRejoin, Lives, Slayer, Deathrun2017-06-112018-06-09-
ANYTOG Reload Admin Menu
[Link to Description]
1.1Reloads admin menu and all plugins listed within a cfg file. This plugin is used to [try to] fix buggy admin menus.

Check out the plugin on Alliedmods for more info.
Reload, Admin, Menu2017-06-112018-06-09-
CS:S, with partial functionality in other gamesTOG Resize
[Link to Description]
1.0Resize players or entities within the map. Part of TOG Extended Admin.Resize2017-06-112018-06-09-
CS:S / CS:GOTOG Score Fix
[Link to Description]
1.0Fixes score losses from team changes, suicides, etc.Score, Fix, Deathrun, Suicide2017-06-112018-06-09-
[Link to Description]
1.0Simple plugin for setting the team of an individual or groups.Set, Team, Switch2017-06-112018-06-09-
ANYTOG Slot Enforcer
[Link to Description]
1.0Enforces server player counts [configurable count]. Made for someone that was running a server that allowed players to connect past the player limit he paid for by his provider.Slot, Enforcer, Limit2017-06-112018-06-09-
CS:S / CS:GOTOG Spec Info
[Link to Description]
1.1Prints target aim info in hint msg. This was useful when CS:GO came out and client info only showed half the time when spectating a player in 3rd person or watching them from in game. I have no idea if this is still a problem, but that is what this plugin was for.Spectate, Information, Aim2017-06-112018-06-09-
CS:S / CS:GO (ANY?)TOG Spectate
[Link to Description]
1.4Easily spectate players and print info. Written due to CS:GO having issues with not displaying target info from crosshairs. Basically, just a simple plugin to print info for the player your crosshairs are aiming at, or to spectate a player by typing with a simple command. Nothing fancy.Spectate2017-06-112018-06-09-

(likely works on ANY game)
TOG Third Person
[Link to Description]
1.0Simple plugin for changing between first person and third person. Similar public plugins were buggy and I didnt like them, so I made my own from scratch.Third, Person2017-06-112018-06-09-
CS:S / CS:GOTOG Timed Respawn
[Link to Description]
1.0Respawns players until a set time each round. I dont remember what this was developed for, but that is what it does.Timed, Respawn, Round2017-06-112018-06-09-
ANYTOG Timeleft
[Link to Description]
1.1Restores remaining map time after a player joins an empty team (which causes a round draw and map restart).

Check out the plugin on Alliedmods for more info.
Timeleft, Restore, Round, Draw2017-06-112018-06-09Download
ANYTOG Unix Time Stamps
[Link to Description]
1.1Print either the current time stamp or future time stamps [based on input] into chat. Its main use was in setting future timers and events that would trigger on a specific time (in minutes) from the present.Unix, Time, Stamps2017-06-112018-06-09-
[Link to Description]
1.0Custom request plugin to allow VIPs (configurable admin flag) to respawn a configurable number of times. CVars to control how far into the round they can respawn.VIP, Respawn2017-06-112018-06-09-
CS:S / CS:GOTOG ZE Knife Alerts
[Link to Description]
1.0.1Displays messages in console and chat when humans knife zombies. Logs all such knives to a log file as well. Also prints messages to client consoles and server console when a human is knifed by a zombie (making it easier to check the logs or player console and see what happened).ZE, Knife, Alerts, Zombie, Escape2017-06-112018-06-09-
ANYTOG Round Notifications
[Link to Description]
1.0.0Simple plugin to play sound when a configurable time is reached each round.sound, round, notification, time2017-06-112018-06-09-
ANYTOG Server Password
[Link to Description]
1.1Allows players with a configurable flag to set/remove password servers w/o needing rcon/password admin flags. Can set password to specific text or have plugin generate, set, and return a random password.server, password, lock2017-06-112018-06-09-
CS:STOG No-Scope Announce
[Link to Description]
1.0.0Plays configurable sound when players in the server get a no scope.noscope, no-scope, sound, notification, announce2017-06-112018-06-09-
CS:S / CS:GOTOG Bomb Drop
[Link to Description]
1.0.0Notifies terrorists when the bomb is dropped, and who dropped it.Bomb, Drop2017-06-112018-06-09-
ANY?TOG Team Locker
[Link to Description]
1.0.0Plugin built per request. Locks team changes unless the user has the configurable admin flag. Admins can move people.Lock, Team, Switch, Change2017-06-112018-06-09-
CS:S / CS:GOTOG Zombie Mod Stats
[Link to Description]
1.1.1Zombie Mod plugin that announces top players for multiple stats each round and gives MVPs to top players.
zombie, zm, ze, zr, stats, top2017-11-042018-06-09-
AllTOG Welcome Message
[Link to Description]
1.0.0Plugin request for welcome message plugin, showing server name/ip, current/next maps, timeleft, and online admins. Shows colored chat message a configurable number of seconds after joining.welcome, message, info2017-11-102018-06-09-
CS:S / CS:GOTOG Weapon Stripper
[Link to Description]
1.1.0Removes weapons after several optional events: Player spawn weapons, dropped weapons, round start weapons. Uploaded to AlliedMods in another person's thread >>> here <<<.weapon, stripper, remove2017-11-102018-06-09-
ANYTOG No Scopes
[Link to Description]
1.0.1Blocks scoping in with scope, noscope, ns2018-02-192018-06-09-

* Date tracking started 2017-06-11. The ** NEW ** and ** RECENTLY UPDATED ** tags ignore rows with this date.

The TOG Flag System: Access can be set to be a single flag, a set of required flags, or even sets of sets (separated by a semicolon [;]).

e.g. Setting the flag as "a" requires players to have the "a" flag to be considered a match.

e.g. "at" requires players to have both the "a" AND "t" flags to be considered a match.

e.g. "a;t" requires players to have either the "a" OR "t" flags to be considered a match.

e.g. "at;b" requires players to have EITHER: (both the "a" AND "t" flags), OR the "b" flag. If either of the two conditions apply, they are considered a match.

A few more inputs: "none" restricts access for all (only used in some plugins). "public" and empty quotes ("") make the access available to all.

This is a weird category to have, as most SQL interaction falls under plugins or programs coded in other languages. Suffice to say I have built a lot of complex queries, both in direct SQL (MySQL, SQLite, SQL server, etc.), or interfacing via PHP, VBA, or SourcePawn.

I haven't taken the time to fill out content for this yet...

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